August 30 – September 3, 2021 (Trondheim, Norway)

Summer School Talks and Workshops:

Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Noticing
Naďa Vondrová, Didem Akyüz, Mine Işıksal Bostan

Defining, Assessing, and Developing Mathematics Teacher Knowledge
Erdinç Çakıroğlu

8 Ways of Reasoning
Iveta Kohanova, Isil Isler Baykal, Zbyněk Kubáček 

Textbook Analysis
Serife Sevinc, Peter Vankúš, Jarmila Novotná, Magdalini Lada, Benedetto di Paola

Teachers as Designers of Learning Progressions with Curriculum Resources
Birgit Pepin

Teachers as Task Designers 
Birgit Pepin

The use of resources by teachers and students of mathematics
Zeger-jan Kock and Mária Slavíčková

2021 Summer School Programme

2021 Summer School: A week of collaboration, productive discussion, sightseeing, fun moments…

The first summer school sessions and discussions on the spot gave birth to

  • deeper discussion of the different ways of reasoning,
  • preparation of a new framework for textbook analysis we were involved in,
  • launching the survey study.

We have been learning how to cooperate in the international team and making new friends in the field of mathematics education.