Seminars given by Dr. Mária Slavíčková and Dr. Michaela Kaslová

Within the scope of short exchange from Comenius University in Bratislava and Charles University to Middle East Technical University, our colleagues organized seminars on textbook analysis and argumentation for education researchers.
The first seminar was given by Dr. Mária Slavíčková. The content of the seminar is given below:
Title: One Topic, Two Lenses: How the Philosophy of Textbook Can Influence the Teaching/Learning Process
Abstract: The focus of the presentation will be on a comparative analysis of two textbooks, focusing on the topic of symmetry from two distinct perspectives. Firstly, how these topics are introduced and processed, the learning environment provided by the textbooks, and the roles of both pupils and teachers in the learning process will be mentioned. Secondly, analysis of the reasoning and proof tasks presented in both textbooks and how they encourage teachers to incorporate these tasks into their teaching will take place. This approach offers a more comprehensive understanding of how textbooks encourage specific activities, such as reasoning and proof, and could be useful for teachers, researchers, and textbook authors.
The first seminar was given by Dr. Michaela Kaslová. The content of the seminar is given below:
Title: The Development of 5-8 Years Old Children's Maturation and the Communication Codes Used in Their Argumentation
Abstract: The presentation deals with the issue of selected phenomena that affect the child/student's reasoning when solving or resolving a problem. First of all, we focus on the role of age in communication, or which communication codes an individual prefers in argumentation. We will link the theory of communication codes to the characteristics of the problem solved and examine the communication code in which the problem was presented, and the communication code that was required to solve the problem, or to communicate the process and the outcome of the solution. Similarly, we will briefly examine the characteristics of argumentation in preschool and early elementary school in the Czech Republic.
Thanks to all participants and Dr. Mária Slavíčková and Dr. Michaela Kaslová!